What to visit in Kiev

Even if you know about Kiev a lot of, we will be able to surprise you, to show and tell a lot of interesting and unusual.

You can see the city from the other side, and in a new way.Our guides get great reviews, from tourists visiting our capital for the first time, and from the indigenous people of Kiev, who love their city and are interested in it.

Be sure that during our tours, you will see not only the famous sights, but also hidden from most tourists interesting and unusual places in Kiev.

The beauty of Kiev

Travel agency KievKiev, in fact, is a very enigmatic and mysterious city. It is located on the 2 banks of the Dnieper River, it is spread over many hills.

History of Kiev is also impressive. A lot of prominent events and important dates. The guides give a reason and opportunity to shed light on ever new landmarks and interesting facts from the life of the city. Of course, this glorious history has left a considerable mark in the layout of the city and its architecture. Discussions concerning the names of certain areas of the city do not stop until now. And believe me, our tour guides are aware in the history and architecture of the city.

Of course, we will find something to surprise the culture lovers. We are just waiting for you to get the most positive emotions from your stay in Kiev!

A little bit of variety

Travel agency KievYou want an extreme? We will advise where to ride in a balloon and where to jump from the bridge (meant Rope jumping, of course). There you can experience in rope slide across the Dnieper. Do not worry, our guides are oriented in the city and will show you all of these things  if anyone interested.

Kiev is a great city and we will do our best to make you sure.

In the end, we do not offer tours with boring faceless guide; we give a sense of fun walk around the city with a nice erudite conversationalist.