What to visit in Kiev

We cooperate with tested transport companies and always choose comfortable transport  for you.

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What to visit in KievAny tour  is always a movement, movement from one point to another. Transportation plays an important role. Since being able to use the vehicle, we can always look more and get more.

Our company offers you a walking tour and tours, using transport. As for the last one, we recommend it people who do not have much time to explore the city, but still want to see the maximum and visit different areas to meet with several iconic landmarks.

We also offer a number of tours out of the city, such as trips to Mezhyhiria or tours to Pirogovo.

Convenient, comfortable and safe

What to visit in KievWe certainly understand that the experience from such tours largely depends on the vehicle: on the security, speed and convenience that are providing to our guests while traveling. It is precisely because we are making always very clear and good relationship with the transport company. We, first of all, set a goal – to ensure the safety of passengers and their belongings.

We cooperate only with those transport companies that meet modern requirements in terms of convenience, efficiency and safety.


What to visit in KievHow to order transport for tours in Kiev? Do not worry, we will help you with this. Be sure to have  comfortable transport , safety on the road and friendly drivers.

Are you interested in prices of transport for tours in Kiev?

Passenger car for 1-3 persons – 200 UAH / hour.

Minivan for 6-8 persons – 250 UAH / hour.

Bus for 18 persons – 280-350 UAH / hour.

Bus for 30 persons – 350 UAH / hour.

Bus for 38 persons – 450 UAH / hour.

Bus for 50 persons – 450 UAH / hour.

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