Kiev tour

We take into account all your wishes about time, route, topic and duration of the tour. We wholeheartedly for the personal approach to each tourist, and without it we do not imagine our business!

With us you will feel in Kiev like at home, where you are always well met and people are willing to help you in any situation.

Thematic tours

personal guideWe are confident in our guides, their knowledge about the history, the city, the culture; their curiosity, friendliness, sociability; ability to convey information and to find a different approach to the different client. But at the same time, we carefully select the guide for each particular tour. Because someone conducts introductory sightseeing tours better, someone more in-depth studies certain subjects or a particular district of Kiev. There are guides who specialize in religious tours, some in the evening, literary. For some the specific area of ??Kiev is well studied, such as tours of the Podil, or St. Andrew’s descent tour, or Lipki tour. Some guides are excellent at a tour to Mezhyhiria, and others better tell about the architecture and way of life in an open-air museum Pirogovo. Some guides are better in excursions to monasteries and cathedrals of Kiev, while others, in devilry places and bald mountains.

Tours for children

Kiev tourA separate group of guides is guides for children’s excursions and tours for schoolchildren. Since children always need a special individual approach. It happens that guide knowledge is impressive, but with children it is difficult to work. Children need to be interested and you always have toto keep their attention, and this, believe us, is not so easy. But do not worry, we’re working with the guides, who are dealing with these tasks perfectly!

Personal approach

Kiev tourAll our guides are very talented and considerate, sociable and friendly. They are able to “hear” the customer and to respond promptly to his problems.

We always advocate an individual approach in dealing with clients. Therefore, working with guides, who have practical experience, who are flexible; who works and thinks creatively and are able to use the knowledge and skills acquired in practice during the tours. We always ask the question of education, experience, desire to improve themselves. Also, we constantly carry out activities for the exchange of experience, parse errors, sharing observations, news, knowledge and necessary skills in order to give you the most unforgettable experience of visiting Kiev.