lavra tour

All tours in Kiev  certainly will lead you to the holy place of the Orthodox world – Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Without visiting Kiev-Pechersk Lavra your stay in the city will not in any way be complete.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is a unique and interesting historical and religious complex, which began to form thousands years ago in Kiev and became a real core of the development of education, culture, spirituality and science in the whole of Eastern Europe.

This is the first monastery in Rus land, founded in the mid-11th century. It was born here and then spread monasticism as a phenomenon in the Kiev Rus. No one tour in Ukraine will not be able to give you a variety of historical, cultural, religious miracles, as a tour to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

tour to lavraIt is the most visited attraction in Kiev. Even in the Russian Empire it was believed that every Orthodox believer should at least once in their life to visit Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. And it concerns the rights of all from the poor and ending with representatives of the royal family. And now, here there is also crowded.

This is one of the most popular sightseeing tours in Kiev. We start it with Nadbramna Trinity Church, the oldest structure on the territory of the monastery. The guide will show you the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Great Lavra Bell Tower. Guided tours for children are better to organize in such a way to allow time to go up to the bell tower with its stunning views of Kiev.

tour to lavraYou cannot deprive the attention observation platform, the Church of All Saints. On the territory of the Upper Lavraalso a museum town with museums of various subjects is situated. Tours in Kiev will not be complete without visiting the museum of miniatures of Nicholas Siadristy and Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine. It is recommended that you see it with your own eyes; no videos and photos cannot convey the fullness of experience.

Then our guide will lead you to the Lower Lavra, which is still active monastery. We all go down to the man-made caves, where more than a hundred relics of imperishable Lavra saints are situated. Then we’ll walk to the holysources and examine the small, ancient and relatively new monastery churches.

tour to lavraDuration: 2-3 hours

Cost:  10 EUR / Hour

Extras on request:

Entrance to the Monastery – 20 UAH.

The entrance ticket to the bell tower – 40 UAH.

Visiting the museum exhibits – 80 UAH.

Admission to the museum of miniatures – 40 UAH.

The entrance ticket to the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine – 30 UAH.

Entrance fees to museums are paid directly to the museums, a visit to which is optional.