guide service kiev

Guide service kievIf you came to Kiev for the first time, and you have not so much time, than among  the whole variety of tours it is better to give preference to this one. Kiev city tour, like no other, will help you to see the full diversity of the city and listen to the interesting stories about all periods of its development.

guide service kievTour to Kiev usually begins with Starokievsky mountains. Here is thefoundation place of Kiev and one of the most beautiful, built by architect Rastrelli, St. Andrew’s Church. None of the tours does not shy away from the Sofia area, where theCathedral of St. Sophia, the oldest building in Kiev, built in the early eleventh century, is situates. Today it is a monument of the world heritage and is under UNESCO protection. Tours continue walking down Vladimirskaiia street. There the guide certainly will show you the Golden Gate, the Opera House, the House of Teachers, Presidio of Sciences Academy, the first gymnasium, Red building of Kiev University. You will be able to visit St. Vladimir’s Cathedral with the masterpieces of painting by Viktor Vasnetsov, which truly has no price.

guide service kievThen we’ll go to Pechersk, where among urban districts very important tourist attraction in Kiev are situated – an ancient fortressand the first in Rus Kiev Pachersk Monastery. There is also more modern, but no less recognizable monumental complex of the II World war with one of the tallest statues in the world Motherland monument.

Then the guide will convince you that Kiev is the city in the park, you will enjoy the panorama from the viewing platforms, see the Dnieper, the royal palace and the houses of the nobility, who now alternate with the administrative building of the Ukrainian state.

guide service kievThen the tour gradually moves to Podol with its temples, the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Kontraktova square, promenade and cozy narrow ancient streets.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Cost:  10 EUR/ Hour

Additionally transport:

Car for 1-3 persons – 200 UAH / hour. +1hour

Minivan for 6-8 persons – 250 UAH / hour. +1 hour

Bus for 18 persons – 350 UAH / hour.

Bus for 30 persons – 400 UAH / hour.

Bus for 38 persons – 450 UAH / hour.

Bus for 50 persons – 500 UAH / hour.