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The first tram in Kiev

This unusual monument is set at the foot of Vladimir uzvoz, which has always been a strategically important route for the city. This street connects two separate city centers: Pechersk and Podol. In the early twentieth century, Vladimir descent was called a Paved road. And everyone was clear about what was that. The point was that in Kiev there was only one paved road. The line of the first electric tram in the Russian Empire and the second in Europe was built on it.

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Place of Kiev foundation

A place of Kiev foundation is the heart of Kiev. It was here 15 centuries ago, where the city was founded. There is an ancient and beautiful legend. It says that the city was founded by 3 brothers: Kiy, Schek, Horyv and their younger sister Lybid. Personalities are, of course, semi-legendary, but the location of the city confirmed by many archaeological studies. Our guide will show and tell why the area was chosen quite suitable for the founding of the city.