Kiev guide

Our guides are erudite, sociable and very inquisitive young people who know a lot of interesting and tell you about the history and about the modern life of the city.

Why do we believe in the guides who we work with

Kiev guideWe work only with creative people who are constantly working on self-improvement and are always on the lookout for: themselves, the new ideas, inspiring routes.

Our guides have a special education and have been trained in courses of tour guides. We are confident of their skills and knowledge. It is also a good guide, who has good oratorical skills, leadership qualities. Most of our guides speak several foreign languages, which are constantly practiced.

Guides, with whom we work, have experience in the tourism sector in Kiev, as well as abroad. (And we always surprise how they have got it in their years).

What are the benefits you get by ordering our tours

Kiev guideGuides from “Visiting Kiev” know the history, culture, monuments, geography of Kiev, as well as many other things about tours providing. But it is not just an educated intellectual who knows the maximum amount of information in its field. Guides, who will work with, you, can present the information in a very interesting way. Do not worry, he or she gets along very well with people and will find an approach even to the most sophisticated and demanding customers.

We work with group tours and our guides will find an approach and be able to interest a variety of categories of tourists easily. But our main specialization is individual tours. In this case, the guide is a person who pays you individual attention, shows you the city, according to your interests and wishes. Thus, you get rid of the need to drag in a crowd of people unknown to you in a groups, which are not always organized well (proposals for such tours can often be found in the brochures). Our personal guide will create all conditions so that during your walk through the city, you feel comfortable. You can ask any of your questions; you can ask to stay longer near the liked object; you can make changes to the tour itinerary.

In the end, you will feel like a traveler on a quiet stroll through the beautiful city with an educated interesting companion, and not like quite ordinary tourist on a marathon running throughout the city with a tour guide, trumpeting a shout memorized facts.