Ancient Kiev

Tour to Kiev: Ancient Kiev (photo, route, price)For many travelers a visit to Kiev is associated with the theme of Kievan Rus and the stories of the ancient princes and powerful states.

This tour “Ancient Kiev” allows you to travel back to several centuries ago, and to be in the heart of the capital of the vast medieval state – Kievan Rus.

Tour to Kiev: Ancient Kiev (photo, route, price)Usually, our guide begins the tours from the Golden Gate. It is very symbolic, because in ancient times only the most honorable and important guests entered Kiev through the Golden Gate.

You will have the opportunity to visit St. Sophia Cathedral, the oldest building in Kiev. The temple was built in the early 11th century. The guide will show you the ancient frescoes and mosaics, that have survived since the founding of the church, and through which Sophia Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then the tour leads you to the base of Kiev. It was here more than 15 centuries ago, where Kiev was founded. Here you can see the foundation of the prince’s residence and the first stone church of Tithe. Also guide will tell you many fascinating facts about the life of Kievan Rus and Kiev.

Tour to Kiev: Ancient Kiev (photo, route, price)We’ll finish near St. Michael’s Monastery, one of the oldest and most honorable in Kiev. You can also take a stroll through the park on Vladimir Hill and see the monument to Prince Vladimir, who came down from the hills of the Upper Town, to christen the people of Kiev in the Dnipro River. We’ll take a look at the Dnipro from the high, steep green hills of Kiev and return back to the center of the modern multi-million city which all steeped in history and grandeur; take a look at Saint Sophia in Kiev, the golden domes of the ancient cathedrals, the green tops of the hills and try to remember that moment and a whiff of ancient stories in ourselves.

Tour to Kiev: Ancient Kiev (photo, route, price)Duration: 2-3 hours

Cost:  10 EUR / Hour

Additionally, and on request:

The price of admission to the Golden Gate – 15 UAH.

Admission to the St. Sophia Cathedral – 65 UAH.

Admission to the Sofia belfry – 20 UAH.

Entrance fees to museums are paid directly to the museums, a visit to which is optional.