Age of Kiev is eternity

Kiev is an amazing city that combines the interweaving of a great past and a changeable present.

Kiev is a very ancient city. “Mother of Russ cities,” as Prince Oleg said. Indeed, this city was the source of the East Slavic culture and history. In Kiev there is a monument – a small stone on which is carved “Where has the Russ land come from,” and it has come from Kiev, from a small patch of land on a hill above the mighty Dnieper.

Different historical epochs and the heritage of each of them

Kiev is a city of several epochs: the Grand-Ducal, Polish-Lithuanian, Cossack, the era of the Russian Empire, Soviet, modern. In this sequence, it is most convenient to study it and to look at the sights. Moreover, all these epochs are connected topographically. Tours in the Upper and Ancient Kiev will tell more about the grand prince’s period, the history of Kievan Rus.Podol is the center of the Lithuanian-Cossack period. On Pechersk and the New Buildings the guides tell a lot about the life of the city during the Russian Empire, the Soviet period in the history of Kiev.

Kiev is one of the oldest European capitals, one of the main centers of Orthodoxy, “Orthodox Rome”, as Honore de Balzac used to say on the one hand. But Kiev is also the center of economic and cultural modern life of Ukraine.

Questions about Kiev

During our various tours and on this site you can learn much more about Kiev: when Kiev emerged, what people at different times inhabited it, who dug up its caves, poured high trees, which legends are still common among the inhabitants of the city.

  • Why is the Golden Gates called golden?
  • What part of the city did the city of Yaroslav occupy?
  • Where was the Lviv Gate?
  • Where is the beautiful entrance to Sophia of Kiev, which they stopped using and which only a few people have seen?
  • When  St. Sophia Cathedral was built, what did it look like, interesting facts from its thousand-year history, why they changed the shape of the domes, what is inside and who was buried in the cathedral, what happened to the famous library of Yaroslav the Wise, how did the Kiev metropolitans live?
  • Where was the city of Vladimir?
  • What is now on the site of the Tithe Church?
  • Where was the pagan temple?
  • Why St. Andrew’s Church does not have bells?
  • Why was St Michael’s Cathedral destroyed?
  • Where is the old Catholic church in Kiev?
  • Where was the Greek monastery in Kiev?
  • What liturgical rites were common in the churches of Podol?
  • How was the educational process organized at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy?
  • Who came to Kiev for Contracts and why?
  • How did people distinguish the Nikolaev churches, which were about ten in Kiev?
  • What was on Castle Hill?
  • Where did Nikita Kozhemyaka live and how has this region changed beyond recognition?
  • Why did different classes of the population visit different Kiev parks?
  • Why is the Mariinsky Palace named in honor of the Empress Maria, if it was built by Elizabeth?
  • When was the first capital bridge built across the Dnieper?
  • Where is Yuri Dolgoruky, the founder of Moscow, buried?
  • What is the oldest church on the territory of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra?
  • What were the characteristics of the Lavra service?
  • Where are the Triumphal Gates in Kiev?
  • Where does the main street of Kiev – Khreshchatyk – come from?
  • Who lived on Lipki?

We are ready to answer these and many other questions about the history and modern life of Kiev. We will help you book a tour, choose a guide in Kiev, have a great time in this glorious city!